Sounds of Happiness
Coke Studio India sought to bring the various genres of Indian music together in order to create a new sound that would be liked by all. In order to combine the music of India with the philosophy of Coke Studio we designed a unique calendar, under the tutelage of the great Taufiq Qureshi. Consisting of twelve glass Coca Cola bottles, one for every month of the year. Each bottle is filled with carefully selected elements that reflect the music of a particular time. Shaken in the proper way the bottles resonate with the sound of that time. Thereby creating a truly Indian symphony for the year 2012.
Coke bottles converted to percussion instruments
Specially designed Crate Stand to hold the bottles & calendar.          Individual tags with instructions to create sound
Customised bottle caps depicting the months.
The Happiness Box
Every month had a special description explaining the relevance of the 'Sound of the Month'

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