Gandhijifont - Now in Hardcover.
After the phenomenal success of the Gandhijifont website, we designed what we like to call the hardcover version of the website in the form of a book. Instead of designing just a simple book, we decided to make it interactive and fun for the readers. Which is why the Gandhijifont book contains flip art, rotational devices, pages-within-pages & much more. Along with this book, we also enclosed a CD which contained downloadable versions of Gandhijifont in the English & Devanagari scripts.
This book was sent out specifically to the stalwarts of Indian society, new-age entrepreneurs and people active in the digital space. These very people again popularised the font in their very own way by sharing it with their peers. The book was also shared with prominent young Indian politicians who, through their social channels, helped spread the Mahatma’s message. This in turn lead to thousands of additional downloads of the font from the website, thereby becoming an inspiration to so many more people.

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