McDonald's Happy Sparrow
While ‘Happiness in a box’ has been the core positioning for McDonald’s Happy Meal, over the last few years its perception has reduced to that of a meal with a toy. The objective was to put ‘Happiness’ back into the McDonald’s Happy Meal and be seen by kids (primary TG) and parents (secondary TG) as a fun, socially responsible brand.

Thousands of sparrows that used to habitat the city just seem to have gone away. The reason for their gradual migration was reduced green spaces in the cities leading to lack of food and shelter. So we came up with the concept of Happy Sparrows. To keep the sparrows from deserting the city, we decided to motivate kids to provide food and shelter for them. The resemblance of the McDonald’s Happy Meal box with a sparrow house helped us place the brand in the centre of the entire experience.
The Happy Sparrow Kit within the meal box.
Project Branding.

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