Gandhijifont - India in ten languages
We wanted to celebrate the iconic life of Mahatma Gandhi and to commemorate his 141st birth anniversary in a way that would grab the attention of the youth of India. Considering the exercise was to trigger the imagination of the youth towards Mahatma Gandhi's teachings, we created a font aptly titled 'Gandhijifont' in the ten most popular scripts of India, where each and every letter had the trademark Gandhi glasses subtly incorporated into them. On its completion, we popularized the font on the website and also made it open for free download on dozens of social media websites.
English Script
Devanagari Script
Kannada Script                                                                                                                           Malayalam Script
Oriya Script                                                                                                                                Tamil Script
Kannada Script                                                                                                                      Urdu Script
Gujarati Script                                                                                                                        Gurmukhi Script

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