Fold Aide Box
Irons are everyday items and there's not much to distinguish one brand from another. Our task was to influence the choice of customers in choosing a Bajaj Majesty Iron over all the other brands available in the market, that too within a limited budget. Which is why we designed a packaging unit which would not merely be a storage space for the iron, but would offer customers an added utility in the process of ironing. This is how the special edition Fold Aide Box came into existence. The packaging unit we designed not only stored the iron but also assisted in the process of folding these ironed clothes.

At the retail level, the packaging created a lot of curiosity amongst the shoppers. More importantly, the stock of Majesty Irons packed in the special edition Fold Aide Box were sold out within the month.
Designed to make folding ironed clothes simple and easy.
Fold Aide Box completely flattened.
Steps to using the Fold Aide Box.

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